William Scobie is an Ottawa based photographer and entertainer at heart. He holds a habitual attraction to capturing people in their natural habitats, in both candid and contrived fashions. He is motivated by an impulsive drive to freeze and document moments of visual storytelling.


William sitting on his front porch in the sun with a coffee.
This capture shows the apex of a photic sneeze reflex.
Cellphone capture, Sept 18, 2013.

William Likes taking photos outdoors especially in unfavourable conditions.  He is constantly on alert, waiting for rare weather systems to incorporate in to his images. There is nothing like a good Canadian snow storm in April to give you just the right lighting for a self portrait. 

Self Portrait - April 2016
Self Portrait Taken in April 2016


William's landscape and street photos have been called "Amazing!" and "So beautiful!" by many admirers. One person even said: "OMG STUNNING!" and another said: "FANTASTIC SHOT BUD!" 

Some of his creative and narrative shots have received comments like: "Oh I really like this one!!!", "Love it!" and "I'd buy a poster of that one!". He also gets comments like: "So interesting, follow me and like my photos please." and "CLICK HERE FOR 5000 FREE FOLLOWERS".

William believes strongly in sharing, so his photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attributions NonCommercial ShareALike 4.0 International License. Basically, You are welcome to use any content within but ask that you give proper attribution where possible.


William demonstrates how the elusive Canadian Snow Snake is perfectly camouflaged for this environment,
and could easily pass unnoticed as a snowy tree branch. January 6, 2015.